Monday, October 26, 2009

Hunting season hats for kids

We have a lot of good land for wildlife, as do our neighbors, and during hunting season I worry about the kids being outdoors. Everyday we go for a walk or hike outside and spend time either near the garden, near Savannah's climbing and swinging tree or with the chickens. I tried to purchase the hunter safety orange gear for them but it's always too big. During a quick trip to JoAnn's for Halloween costume fabric, I saw a section on hunting fabrics, including safety orange fleece. I brought home a half yard of it, and turned it into silly and warm fleece hats (and mittens) for the kids. Because of the sale on fleece, this little project cost less than $3 for two hats and two pairs of mittens.

Savannah's hat is like a jester's hat with fleece pompoms atop two points. The fleece for the ear and chin strap is double-layered so she always has the softest warmest part close to her skin. It closes with velcro that she can do herself. Both sides of her hat are the same so there's no front and back to confuse little ones.

William's hat has one silly pompom on top and a generous brim that can be folded up or pulled down to further cover his ears. His also closes with the adjustable velcro strap under the chin. Both are easily machine washable and dryer-ready.

I'm pretty sure it would be hard to mistake the three of us for turkey or deer now!

PS If anyone would like me to post a tutorial or patterns for this, I'd be happy to. Just ask!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Quilt Colorway

This maple is the inspiration for my upcoming mini-quilt for Fall.

Here's my fabric selection for my mini Fall Quilt. There are a few more days to join if you're interested in the Quilter's Fall Swap. I'm planning to make a mini-runner or place mat with the fabrics and to get it out as early as I can so it can be enjoyed while it's still autumn.
The colors remind me of Savannah's tree swing under the maple's autumn dress of red, gold, chestnut and green:

 The perfect place to read her Halloween books and eat apples from the local orchard.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Online Fall Quilt Festival

In the autumn, there's no need to look far for inspiration - the golden leaves, the pumpkins bursting off the garden vine, the orchard full of twisty trees bending to the ground under the weight of apples, the browns of the earth silhouetted against the bluest October skies. But just in case you've been too busy to notice, you can still find some inspiration here at the Online Fall Quilt Festival hosted by Park City Girl.

Visit the Flickr group if you can and enjoy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Turquoise and fuschia

Here's a peak at the baby quilt I'm working on for a friend. The colors are her request and I have to say, they are really growing on me!

It's my modern twist on the four- patch and the log cabin. Lots of great fabrics in this - Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Kaffe Fassett. Yes, it's really growing on me...