Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Savannah has desperately wanted to learn how to knit. I tried to teach her a few weeks ago on the kids learning needles with a bulky yarn and only 10 stitches across, but I had to hold the needles for her most of the time. Corking to the rescue.

I had never heard of it, but it's also called Knitting Nancy, an appropriate name considering the corking supplies were a gift to Savannah from our neighbor Nancy. The small hand-held corker helps kids learn how to knit without having to juggle needles and it holds stitches in place easily. Savannah made her first creation yesterday - a scarf for her daughter bunny - and is now working on a larger one for herself (or for her Papa if she can get him to wear pink and purple under his Carhartt jacket).

My very serious daughter who chose to skip a bedtime story so she could have more corking time.

Hard at work, making bunny's scarf just the right length.

The happy recipient of her first corking experiment! Savannah woke up early and picked up her corking right away before "good morning" or kisses so she could finish bunny's scarf before breakfast. I wonder where she gets her work ethic...

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