Friday, October 1, 2010

Warm socks for William

I've always found it difficult to find really good warm socks for babies. During the winter months, if you keep your kids indoors, cotton socks are fine but we spend the winter ice skating, skiing, hiking in the woods and generally trudging through the snow for whatever needs to be done.

I was so happy to find the North Country socks pattern for free because it is so easy to knit and solves the winter sock problem. I knit this pair for William with Mode Dea yarn in a wool-bamboo blend. I love the yarn and will definitely use it again. It doesn't pill or fray like most wool yarns and is very soft, yet has the warmth you expect from wool.

I think William looks very European wearing his new socks with his brown sandal shoes. This winter he'll be wearing them with his boots so he can play with big sister in the snow and possibly to learn how to ice skate on the pond.

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