Monday, September 26, 2011

Forest owl hat for William

Savannah loves her owl hat so much that little brother caught on and tries to steal hers whenever we need to wear hats outside. I tried to modify the pattern to knit him one in his size by decreasing to 76 cast on stitches, but it turned out to be baby sized - oops!

I used some of my leftover Malabrigo merino in Bobby blue for this one and sewed on owl eyes on only one owl. It is sitting in my stash of baby hats that I've knit, waiting for a new home. For take two, I used a skein of Malabrigo merino in Forest and cast on 88 stitches. This one turned out to be the perfect size!

I love the variegated greens in forest. William likes it so much that he hasn't taken it off. He says, "Look, Mom-mom, Willem owl hat," and points to his head. As I type this, he is sitting beside me with his owl hat on... I suppose I can call that a successful knit.

My little vampire with his new forest green owl hat.
I'd like to sew on some button eyes eventually but I think I'll have to wait until he's sleeping so I can get him to part with his new hat. Now the kids want me to knit an owl hat for myself!

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