Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Surf's Up" quilt

I'm calling this quilt "Surf's Up" because the turquoise reminds me of tropical ocean waters that are so clear you can see exactly where the continental shelf drops off, the white is for the finely powdered sand, and the loud red floral fabric is for the Hawaiian shirts and surf boards that most likely match the tourists' sunburns. I started this quilt one night after a stressful day with the kids as a way to unwind and relax before bedtime. Instead of finishing one of my WIP, I just wanted to sew, sew, sew those quarter inch seams without thinking about much else. It worked like a charm!

I had no plan in mind when I began this quilt...I simply grabbed a handful of turquoise squares I had cut months ago and paired them with some white 4" squares I also had cut ages ago and started sewing. When the quilt top wasn't large enough to be useful after I ran out of turquoise, I started in on the red, which I had left over from the "Lemonade Stand" quilt top I just finished (it's not yet quilted).

The quilt is crib size so I'm adding it to my collection of quilts available for the babies my friends are expecting this year. I like to have quilts on hand that friends can choose from because I'd rather they pick something they like and will use than something I made for them that they don't like or will never use. It doesn't hurt my feelings if someone doesn't like something I make (I don't like some of what I make!) but it does if someone doesn't tell me the truth.

The batting is pieced and the backing is pieced. This quilt used up all of my turquoise, all of my white, all of my white thread, and all of my red floral fabric as well. Ahh, it feels great to run out of something!

From a flat non-textured quilt top...

To a lovely crinkled textured quilt. I LOVE that step!

I quilted it with bright turquoise thread, which was fun. I like using colored thread since I have too much of it. I intended to make a wave pattern but I ended up having another stressful day and just wanted to "quilt" so the pattern is the more familiar meandering. I'm not sure about my color choices, but I think I like it...somehow they do seem to go in a "surf's up" kind of way.

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