Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waldorf Apron in Fresh Cut

Here' s an apron from the new sewing book I love, "A is for Apron: 25 Fresh and Flirty Designs". This was hands down my favorite pattern from the book even if it is a little less practical than others with pockets, etc. The designer who contributed this apron was Erin Harris from House On Hill Road, one of my favorite craft/designer blogs.

The apron was fun to make although I must admit I fudged her pattern a bit rather than photocopying it. It is called the Waldorf. The fabric is one I've been waiting to use - Heather Bailey's Freshcut. I really like it but I think this apron would look much better on someone with less of a curvy figure than I have. The pattern really accentuates curves, which is great if you haven't got many, and is very feminine. So, I'll have to leave the stylish, twirly aprons to the skinny girls. (Sigh.) And will try another pattern for myself. Maybe something more practical with pockets for collecting fresh eggs or clothespins or quilting scraps...

We put our new aprons to the test while making eggplant parmigiana today and pumpkin bread, one of Savannah's favorite things. She eats any pumpkin straight from the can that I'm not quick enough to blend into the batter, then polishes off my mixing bowl while my back is turned towards the sink...

Caught! Orange-handed!

...and she knows how to dismantle my stand mixer too.

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