Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aprons strings and chef hats

When you give a new baby a gift, you also have to give something to the older siblings. Baby Isla also has a big brother, Ian, and big sister, Sophia, so after finishing her quilt, I went to work making a little something for them as well.

Miss Sophia will receive this play apron, which works equally well when used for real in the kitchen. I tried to find a pattern I might like from my favorite apron book, A is for Apron, but ended up just winging it. The pink on pink is "Pink Damask" by Michael Miller.

Savannah loves to model for me!

I also made her a matching potholder, which turned out well overall but don't look too closely at my stitching! It was a bit too thick with two layers of batting between two layers of fabric and then a double-folded binding to stitch up neatly.

Mister Ian will receive a chef's hat so when he's working in the kitchen with big sister, they can really cook up something delicious for their mama.

Ian will also get a matching oven mitt in Alexander Henry's "Juicy" lemons. I'm glad to say that I spent more time thinking this one out before stitching it up so I think it turned out much better. I'll be making one for Miss Savannah next.

And when you make fun things for other people's children, you have to make something for your own! Savannah has plenty of aprons already so instead of making her another, I made her a chef hat as well. She loves it! The chef's hat tutorial comes from Joanna at Stardust Shoes. Thank you Joanna!


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! ^^
    Children are the God´s love prove! \o/

  2. This is really cute:) Great holiday gift idea.