Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Isla's Quilt

With the exception of the batting, I made this quilt from scraps in my stash. The log cabin squares are made with Kaffe Fassett and Alexander Henry fabrics and the back is a natural muslin. I wanted the squares to be big to use up as much of my fabric as possible and to be easier to put together. The large white squares in the center of the log cabin blocks give it a fresh modern twist. I had the perfect name for this quilt and then forgot it! So as of now, I am calling it "Cotton Candy Squares".

I quilted it in a large meandering pattern and bound it with my leftover blue dot fabric. This quilt measures about 42" x 42" square.

My machine seemed a little off when I was stippling - I had a harder than usual time making equal stitch lengths when using the free motion but overall it turned out very well without any unexpected puckering in the back or unusual stitches.

This quilt is going to be sent to England for baby Isla (pronounced "eye-lah") to enjoy as soon as I wash it. Isla was born this week! I hope she likes it.

I'm also sending her a set of four double-sided flannel bibs since they've been indispensable for William.


  1. Great quilt and great bibs (we find they are indispensible as well!). I love your meandering quilting, do you use a quilting foot? Is it free motion quilting, I can't seem to figure that out! Thanks for your post on my blog re:feminism, it was heartwarming to know there are other empowered mama crafters out there!

  2. Yes, it is free motion quilting so feed dogs down. I do use a quilting foot for free motion. THere are two "styles" of foot you can use and I prefer the one that is shaped like a "C". Visit Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for an excellent video tutorial of the process: http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2008/03/free-motion-quilting.html

    It's quite liberating really! Up close you'll think you're not doing a good job but when you stand back to get the big picture, it looks great. AND it's a great stress reliever.