Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ladybug picnic quilt

This is my first of two charity quilts for Hospice. I've named the quilt "Ladybug Picnic". My hope is that the child who receives it will feel some warmth and happiness from the cheery quilt, even through the tough times of dealing with the loss of a loved one. The center of the quilt is a disappearing nine patch and other than the red polka dot fabric for the backing, I used all scraps to make it.

I started this quilt top in March and modified it to fit Hospice's size requirements of 42" by 66" (an awkward size) for Camp Erin. I'm not crazy about the light yellow fabric border I had to use to meet the size requirements, but overall, I think it turned out well. I thought of my grandmother as I bound it. Hospice helped me care for her in her last days when she was no longer well enough to stay in her own home.

I wasn't sure if I sould sign this quilt or not, as I'm giving it to a charity, but I thought perhaps the note of love from a stranger would be appreciated. Sometimes, compassion from a stranger can be profoundly more touching than kindness from a friend.

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