Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

I finished my friendship bag for my Quilting Blogger partner. I made it from Kaffe Fassett scraps leftover from Nana's Memory Quilt. This is a great bag to make with small leftover scraps or strips. Purple is the color of friendship and sharing. I'm sending this one overseas. I hope she likes it.

The tutorial comes from Rachel at psIquilt but I did change the handle style. Instead of two small fabric handles, I made one basket-style handle that's an inch wide with batting in the middle so it feels good (solid and strong) in your hand. There are some excellent ones already made in our Flickr group with many other quilters taking poetic license too.

I made this pincushion to send along with it and use up some more scrap fabric. The inspiration comes from Heather Bailey but I didn't follow her excellent tutorial.

I might fill it with some extra fat quarters or squares too - anything to pass along the wealth and reduce my stash!

Friendship Bag Swap


  1. Hi I just popped in to your blog by clicking on it at the bottom of your photo on Flickr. Love the fabric in your little bag.I also made a pincushion to match my bag.
    You have made some lovely things and have gorgeous little kids. William has a great smile!!
    Happy crafting Maria from Australia

  2. Today I received your bag, I absolutely love it! And do you believe, I have been sewing for more than 10 years but I DO NOT HAVE A PINCUSHION! I never got around to making one. So thank you very very much. Can I post about your bag already or do I have to wait until the deadline in October, do you know?

  3. Thank you Maria!

    I'm so glad you received the friendship bag! Post away, there's no need to wait for the deadline. We're just not supposed to give our secret partner away before the item is received. Enjoy! Sara