Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organizing thread and fat quarters

When you have little ones at home, the best you can hope for is an hour here and there to accomplish big tasks. I'm slowly renovating my sewing room in that way. Here's one wall that I've added two thread organizers, a handmade bulletin board, and two fat quarter shelves to.

The fabric in the bulletin board and on the switchplate (tutorial here) match the drapes I'm making for the room. The green paint is a color taken from the fabric and I have some peg board painted a yellow from the fabric that I will also add to hold my tools.

I love a sense of order! It's so important to see what you have when inspiration strikes.


  1. Very cute shelves! I wish I had wall space to hang something like that. It looks very nice and colorful.

    By the way, check out this blog give away by a friend of mine

  2. Thanks Cathie! I entered the giveaway as well - thanks for the tip.

  3. I love the thread holder, when I get a sewing "room" instead of just an area, I so need one of those!

  4. It's actually two thread racks (one on top of the other) from June Tailor. Each holds 60 spools of thread, so 120 total. You'll love having your thread organized! The racks come with "feet" but I removed them so I could hang them on the wall to free up valuable sewing space. I hope you get one soon!