Monday, September 21, 2009

Grocery bag dispensers

It's nice when you can get organized and make your living space more beautiful and functional at the same time. This was a simple little project that's has helped to organize two small corners of my home - quilted grocery bag dispensers.

This is so much better than looking at a wad of plastic grocery bags.

I used some leftover ribbon for the loop at the top. This one hangs in the pantry near where I unload groceries. Stuff the bags in the top and pull from the bottom to dispense. I couldn't resist the Alexander Henry Apples & Pear fabric for the kitchen. Sometimes we use our fabric grocery bags and avoid the plastic altogether but sometimes we use the plastic bags,

This one was made with Heather Bailey's Pop Garden. I used leftover double-fold bias for the top loop. We use this one upstairs in the storage closet.

You can make your own by following the tutorial here.


  1. Oh they are so lovely and fresh looking well done.I remember when these were all the rage many years ago.and I had several in various positions in the house , I even made my boys one each for them to keep their socks and jocks(underpants)in-as they always had problems putting them away,the novelty of their own hanging dispensers worked a treat..plastic bags our getting rare in Australia..many many stores will not give you one...cheers Vickie

  2. Thanks! We are usually quite good about using our cloth bags but sometimes we use the plastic ones. Reusing isn't as good as not acquiring at all but we're getting there...