Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kilo handbag

I followed my handbag tutorial to make this purse for Savannah.
With accessories this cute, who needs pants!?

It matches her Kilo skirt in Alexander Henry's 2005 line. (Ha! Modeling for her Mom before she's even brushed her hair or teeth. What a sport!)

 I was out of black fabric for the lining, so I used white cotton fabric. My fabric diet is still in effect but I'm glad to have designer fabrics on hand.

I can't wait to see her toting sunscreen and shells in her Kilo handbag while wading barefoot along the beach!

Now I wonder would it be too much to applique the red flower on a white shirt to make a whole ensemble? Too matchy matchy or super duper cute? I tend to think she's at the age where anything looks super duper cute.


  1. I think it would look super duper cute too!
    (Roberta is Dearest)

  2. Maybe she'll get a sweet new shirt this week...