Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year For...

Quilting is such a wonderful hobby because there is no limit as to what you can do. Every year you could make new quilt patterns and never run out of new styles and patterns and color combinations. Even though I tend to wear preppy drab colors (my faves are navy anything, all shades of brown, black, ivory, etc and I usually buy three of everything I like, so not much diversity there) I have an inner color-loving child who is slowly emerging and painting the world brighter. Quilting gives me one outlet for color and creativity.

Here's a New Year's Resolution of sorts for my crafty to do list.

This year I want to make:
  • a quilt with a house block in it
  • a summer picnic quilt to bring to the park
  • a Christmas quilt
  • a quilt for the library to auction
  • a charity quilt (most likely for Hospice)
  • a boy quilt
  • more skirts for my daughter with a few matching shirts with appliques
  • a matching pair of pants and shirt for the baby
  • a comforter cover for my son (he has his sister's crib-sized down comforter in petal pink)
  • an art quilt to hang up
  • a pair of pillows for my daughter's bed
  • a scrappy quilt that uses up lots of little bits
  • something that uses my dust-collecting serger
And I want to do all of this without purchasing new fabric (whites and muslin excepted) because I have enough in my stash to be able to make all of these and more. Waste not, want not, the wisdom goes.

I also want to teach my daughter how to make her own quilt, she's almost 6 and that's old enough, right???

Happy New Year! Let's look forward to a creative New Year together.

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