Monday, December 28, 2009

Texture blanket for William

William, like most babies, loves textures and tags. He likes to sit beneath my sewing table, we call it his fort, while I'm sewing and touch all the bits of thread and fabric that fall under the table. For Christmas this year one of his homemade gifts was a texture blanket with ribbons. It's a quilted nine patch with a log cabin style center patch. The front face of it has ribbons as well as the edges and the back is a soft fleece in navy.

When I finished quilting the top of it I dropped it beneath my sewing table where the little guy was sitting holding onto some bits of the fleece I had trimmed away. He was more than happy to give up the scraps for his new blankie.

I think he likes it.


  1. Wonderful idea - adorable picture!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chris. I love the quilted table runner you made for Christmas. I keep meaning to make some table runners for the changing seasons but the kids' projects always seem to come first...